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We started our company in 2014 with a staff count of two, and with almost no inventory or knowledge of the industry. The technology industry is especially tough being a new entrant with high competition and high startup cost. Our retail model started with a high focus in accessories which we determined was missing. Over time as we saw success in our business model, and we continued to explore new categories and assortments with the feedback our customers.

As of 2019, we are the largest independent technology retailer and IT provider in Whitehorse. Operating with a staff count of almost 20, and representing the largest brands in our industry; we are effectively one of the largest players in Northern Canada. Although we are in the North, you can commonly find us across North America working closely with our brand partners to deliver the latest technology solutions for our customers.While we have grown alot as a company, we will always remember our roots and values which is to impact our customers through their experience; in addition to continually supporting our community who choose us over the many options they have today. In November 2020, ownership of the corporation was changed and Dr. Yul Shin as appointed the President of Triniti Technology.

We offer a wide mix of brands that can be commonly found in the largest retailers and etailers, at competitive pricing. Our assortment has continued to grow, where we carry over 12,000 skus in-store. Everything that we offer we make sure stands behind our value and commitment to our customers. In addition to consumer and commercial hardware sales, our company also is made up of technology experts that specializes in both PC, and server environments. We have the pleasure of servicing majority of the SMB and enterprise customers across the Yukon, and northern BC.

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I work on finding ways to add value in your experience with our staff and company. I'm also an Apple Certified Mac Technician.



I'm Joel! I do technology service consulting, I specialize in enterprise systems, wide-area networking, virtualization, phone systems and just about everything else



The administrator of everything technology, Di works in our office!


Dr. Yul

At the head of our company, we have Dr. Yul Shin! Dentist by day and technology expert by night! 


Our resident Apple product expert, Connor is works on our phone repairs!



I help with the administrative functions to give everybody else more time to spend with our customers! Part of my role is also developing customer awareness.



Curtis is a second level technician with special training in phone systems.


Company mascot since 2015. Currently the only staff member with a tail. Can be occassionally seen greeting customers in our store and office.


Mark is our retail operations supervisor, he oversees everything that happens on our sales floor.

We're proud to support these great community organizations

Carha Hockey
Yukon Soccer Association
Yukon Quest